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What is a Deed?

Have you ever bought or owned a piece of property or investment? If you have, you may be familiar with a Deed. In fact, owners are supposed to keep a copies of deeds for every single piece of property they own. Some may ask, what is a Deed?

Simply put, a deed is a written certificate that states who has the rights to own a piece of property. A deed is a very important document. Whoever has a deed is the owner of that property. Deeds are official documents, in fact, most of them are notarized and stamped by a county recorder, and held there as a public record to prove ownership of the property.

Generally, state statutory law has requirements for the contents of deeds that must be followed in order to be effective. A common law states that the type of deed being used and the special rights and warranties(if any) conveyed with the property. A deed must also indicate who granting the property (the “grantor”) and who is receiving it. The grantor must also have the legal right to make it and the person getting it must be agree to receive it. The deed must identify the real property being conveyed, usually with the official legal description and the tax parcel number to ensure there is no confusion. . Once completed, the deed has to be delivered and accepted by the grantee.

Once this process is complete, the owner officially has a Deed for the property. Deeds can come in handy in the future, and also will serve as proof in case any questions of ownership are made. If you are considering buying or selling property s, just remember, deeds are an essential Visit setupexpress.com if you need a deed to convey or receive real property.