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Do your employees clearly understand the "Do's" and "Don'ts" of their position?

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"We have opened several businesses over the years and having an employee manual customized to our needs has protected our company every time!" -Joe G. New Jersey

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What are Employee Manuals?

When an individual gets hired into a new career, there are many new documents and procedures the employee must be aware of. One of these documents is called am employee manual, or employee handbook. This is a very important communication form designed to inform the employee of the policies and procedures in the company. Most businesses will provide at least one of these to all of their employees.

An employee manual contains lots of useful information. A properly written manual includes all employer expectations and will also describe what is expected from the company. It should also include your legal rights and obligations as an employee. All important employer information should be present, including all anti-discrimination policies, wages and compensation, work schedules, standards of conflict, employee benefits, computer and technology information, leave policies, and safety and security regulations. These are just some of the many things set forth in employee manuals.

Also, some employee manuals may describe how technology or machinery may be programmed and how to configure it. This is another reason why employee manuals are extremely important.

While going through an employee manual, make sure to read every bit of information. It may be helpful to include notes in order to remember all of the important information. Employee manuals can be huge, so it could be tedious to remember all the small tendencies. However, if you are ever in need of employee information, you have it right there at your fingertips.

Remember to never throw an employee manual away, as they can be very useful too you at any given time in your employment. If you do not receive one of these, be sure to talk to your employer and make sure you have received everything that you need.

Employee manuals are very useful pieces of information for both an employee and a business, as the refer to important rules, policies and employee rights. Just remember, all of the information is incredibly useful, and if the business makes a mistake regarding an employee’s benefits, referring to the employee manual is the best bet to make sure all problems are taken of in a legal and ethical way.