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Avoid probate and enjoy flexibility of asset distribution as you intended with a..

Living Trust


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"I have a lot of trailer homes and I want each grand child to get one without lawyers or judges involved." - Josh Billings

  • Avoid Costly Probate of Your Estates
  • Name Your Children's Legal Guardian
  • Personalized Form Trust Safeguards Your Family

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What is a Living Trust?

Have you ever heard of a living trust? A living trust is an important document that allows you to manage your assets while alive, but avoid the potentially high cost of probate at your death. A trust is when one person, called a trustee, is given a title to a property for another person, called a beneficiary. In living trust one person can hold a trust for themselves and name future beneficiaries to receive the property on death.

A living trust can be set to take effect when the person dies, therefore allowing another person to control or distribute the property in the trust according to your specific instructions. Again, one of the main benefits of a living trust is to avoid probate. You can transfer your property when you are alive, giving the trust ownership of the property. Because the property in the living trust does not belong to you at your death, it is not subject to probate laws. WhThis is the main reason people use living trusts.

Living trusts do have some limitations. For example,You cannot name guardians for children in the trust document Therefore, it is important to use a willi n conjunction with a living trust.

there are many different estate plan options available for individuals to plan ahead. A living trust is a great vehicle to direct how your property will be distributed after your death while avoiding judges and lawyers in probate. Through a living trust, you can give your property to any person or entity you wish, such as your family. With many other benefits available, using a living trust in your estate planning to allocate your assets after death can help simplify yourpersonal affairs when you die and reduce some of the stress your loved ones will face. Start planning today to protect your family’s future. With setupexpress.com, you can prepare your living trust and other estate planning documents quickly and cost effectively.