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"I got great comfort knowing I have a will." - Josh & Sam Billings

  • Describe Who Your Gaurdian is for Your Children
  • Describe Who Administers Your Estate
  • Distribute Your Assets at Death

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Understanding Last Will and Testaments

There are many important forms and documents in life, and one must always be prepared for anything that can happen, including fatal accidents. One of the most important documents is the last will and testament. Have you ever wondered what happens to all of your belongings, such as your car and house, when you pass away?

The last will and testament can help you decide who receives your belongings after your death. You can leave them to a friend or family member, or even give them to charity. The actual will is written by the person during their lifetime and only carried out when they die. In the will, the person is declared as executor of the estate, meaning that they are the one to administer the will and ensure that their final wishes actually happen.

In a will, the person may also include who will be the guardian of the minor children and how to handle their debt and taxes, and any money that they may owe. If your financial situation is relatively straightforward, you may make your own will by yourself to avoid attorney fees, but if your situation is a little more complicated than that, it’s best to have an attorney help you out just to make sure that everything is being done efficiently and correctly.

Before writing up your last will and testament, it is always a good idea to be familiar with your state requirements, as all states have different requirements for what qualifies as a will and what does not. Some states require your last will to be signed by witnesses or even notarized. If you are in a state that requires the will to be notarized, and you fail to follow through, your will may not end up being carried out by the court. Every state is different.

If you are not familiar with writing your own will you also have the option of writing your will online. This helps make sure that you are following your state’s requirements as well. Be sure that you always identify yourself in the beginning of your will so there is no question that the will belongs to you. Include your full name, social security number, current address, and your date of birth to avoid any confusion. Remember to sign the will as well.

There are many other things to keep in mind depending on which state you are coming from, but to learn more about the qualifications of your state, you can always contact a lawyer or simply look online. Remember to store your will in a very safe place and include what you would like to be done to your body after your passing, such as a burial or cremation.

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