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Decide what happens to your pet if you die with a...

Animal Protection Trust


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"I feel good knowing that my best friend has a place to go when its my time to go." - Josh Billings

  • Your pet is taken care of well after your gone!
  • Name your pets trustee
  • Form legal documents to safeguard your pets future when you die

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Pet Trust Agreement
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What is a Pet Trust Agreement?

There are many different kinds of trusts. Trusts are documents that give one person control over another person’s property. The property is considered to be the trustee’s, and is given permission to operate the property. Another type of trust available is called a Pet Trust Agreement.

A pet trust agreement is a type of trust that beneficiaries can put on animals, in case of death of the pet owner. In a pet trust agreement, owners can specify what happens tooand where the pet(s) goes. You can include information regarding who exactly will receive your pet, and you can set funds aside to provide for the new pet owner if the beneficiary wants.

Pet Trust agreements can even include specific instructions regarding how the pet should be taken care of or what to feed it.

Having a pet trust agreement is very popular and has proven to be useful for many people. These provide for and make sure that your pet(s) are well taken care of in case of your departure. They are great to have and also inexpensive too make. Have you ever thought of making a pet trust agreement? Setup Express, LLC can help.