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Having a Power of Attorney is crucial to protect your business and family for those 'just in case' situations! Get one in place today!"M. Johnson Charlotte - N.C.

  • Appoint another person to act on your behalf
  • Elite provisions are there to protect you upon incapacity
  • Personalized legal document to safeguard your family

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Understanding Power of Attorney

A power of attorney, or sometimes called letter of attorney, is a written document that authorizes a specific person to act on another’s behalf. The person can be involved in businesses or private affairs and have legal rights to sign documents and otherwise act on behalf the person who appointed them. Sometimes, people who leave the country for extended periods or cannot speak for themselves appoint power of attorneys to speak for them and help make their decisions. The person who appoints the power of attorney is called the “principal”.

The principal is the person who determines how much power to give to the appointed power of attorney and certain decisions they are allowed to make. The person who receive the power of attorney is often called an “agent” Some agents can only make decisions based around one topic, and others handle most of the principal’s affairs. (Either a specific power of attorney, or a general power of attorney). .Power of Attorney is also abbreviated as POA.

The power of attorney is responsible for keeping accurate records or the transactions made on behalf of the principal and other decisions being made as well. An agent with a general power of attorney can make almost all of the principal’s decisions. They are allowed to make financial decisions, health decisions, medical treatments, etc. They are normally paid by the principal, who agrees on a set amount to give them during the agency appointment.

The decisions of the agent are equal to those of the principal, so make sure you pick someone you can trust to work on your behalf and in good faith. The power of attorney is generally not affected by the court system,, so be sure to pick a trustworthy person like a good friend, close family member, or spouse.

The power of attorney normally becomes terminated at the death of the principal or upon the principal becoming incapacitated, but can also become revoked during any given time by the principal.. You can also get awitness to sign the power of attorney to ensure the agent was properly appointed.

A “durable power of attorney” is a document designed to allow the power of attorney to continue even if you become incapacitated. A “springing durable power of attorney” is even more unique, as it only goes into effect if you are determined to have become incapacitated.

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